Christmas is just behind the corner. Bags are almost packed, and we are all almost ready to go on vacation. But before we do so, there are plenty of fabulous events happening in Milan. One of those, was  “Emerging Talents Press Day” organised by Tariel Bisharian Showroom in collaboration with Spy News Magazine  on December 12th. This time we have witnessed designers from Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Armenia.

Artuyt (Armenia)

Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known worldwide. By the help of beautiful and unique scarves you will be given the chance to discover exquisite artifacts of the Armenian culture – beginning from the medieval times to the modern abstractionism. Artuyt invites you to enter the colorful world of Armenian art from where everyone can take its own piece with them.



Since 2016 Artuyt has produced over thirty five silk scarves, all produced in Armenia and Italy. Artuyt create scarves with Armenian contemporary artist’s paintings and collages. One scarf takes a full 2 months to complete, making it exquisitely crafted accessory.

When creating CAPSULE COLLECTION 2018 collection Artuyt was inspired by Sergei Parajanov’s collages, who was one of the greatest artists of 20th-century. This collection consists of 5 works which were exhibited in Sergei Parajanov’s museum (Yerevan, Armenia).


WOYOYO – Sound of Knitting (Georgia)

WOYOYO combines Georgian artistry, craftsmanship and design into modern aesthetic. Each clothing & accessory is made by hand. The brand was established by three individuals, Leko Melashvili, Elisabeth Chikhradze and Ivane Beridze.

Leko Melashvili is the artist, craftswoman behind WOYOYO. In musical term she is a conductor at WOYOYO. Leko was born in Georgia, a small country with a rich cultural history, which continues to flourish in the present day.

WOYOYO – Sound of Knitting, an audible vibration of needles manipulating yarn to create a pattern, textile or fabric. Through the conduction of the sound of knitting threads rhyme in perfection to create beautifully handmade clothing and accessories.



Sound of Knitting, contextual realm of sounds, rhythms and vibrations that through a synchronised action band together our beautiful handmade accessories, encapsulating musicality in the art of knitting.  WOYOYO aims to create superb quality and beauty producing in limited quantities.


Nea Sandi (Iran)

Nea Sandi is an Iranian brand based in Tehran under the creative direction of Negar Sanadizadeh. Nea Sandi’s main focus is designing women’s ready -to-wear collections. It represents craftsmanship, quality, delicacy, and style.

Negar Sanadizadeh with models

Contemporary art and paintings of the world famous artist Mahmoud Farshchian were the inspiration for HAFEZ SS18. Farshchian’s art provided a limitless inspirations which produced in prints and shapes.



Nea Sandi’s clothes fit in the lifestyle of modern women who are the main consumers. Each peace is entirely handmade and artisan.


Hana Sirco (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Hana Sirco from Sarajevo has presented her Tocco d’Oriente SS18 collection. It is inspired by the Orient and Oriental dance in connection with contemporary lifestyle. The collection is defined by a duality of materials, the easiness of silk and muslin in contrast to specific stitches on the other hand.

Stay tuned for the interview with the designer  where she will share her personal journey.