What happens when you combine vibrant colors, a cool tune and a new artist. “Audrey Hepburn happens. Dutch Melrose recently released his debut music video for his single “Audrey Hepburn”. The music video follows a series of colorful scenes, one in a lighted hallway with just Dutch Melrose singing to the camera, another at a bowling alley with a guitar player jamming along to the song and a very memorable scene of a dancing artist from a drones perspective.


It’s not every day that the artist directs his own music video, but that is the case for “Audrey Hepburn”. Dutch Melrose took on not only the roles of singer, writer, co-producer but also that of the director. He fully executed his vision and it is seen clearly that there are both European and American influences as he himself is from Los Angeles, CA but currently resides in London, United Kingdom. The music video’s visuals are reminiscent of The 1975 and Blackbear’s “Slide Thru” but can’t be fully compared due to the individualized creative vision and difference in music genres. The song itself it’s a very modernized sound, very upbeat and EDM inspired with electric guitar shining through.
The contrast between the idea of Audrey Hepburn and this modern music video is one to put into thought. Take her, the face of old Hollywood Glamour with European roots and combine it with a twenty first century vision and generation.
Audrey Hepburn” is a tune to be enjoyed and a must watch video as there are plenty of stunning faces and artistic scenes throughout the entire visual. Dutch Melrose is someone to watch out for as he is the definition of an artist.
By Monica Soriano heart-white-love-wallpaper-1