Dreamville? Where is that you might ask. Well there’s so many guesses one can make as to what this track is describing.

On one side “Dreamville” could be a representation of Los Angeles; everyone wants to be there and Hollywood is surely portrayed as the land of dreams but there’s much more to it as a city. In the track he states –

Welcome to Dreamville, the place where nothing’s as it seems. And I’ll be the death of you, just chase your wildest dreams. Beware of all the smiling faces that you see…” It could depict the Hollywood life or even a personal mind space –
So she led me to a room with mirrors and I saw each and every single one of my fears appear
Dreamville, Kenny Holland
Listening to the song’s wordplay and watching the video is rather powerful. The images and contrast of scenery along with Kenny’s energy is a tad addicting. There’s mirrors and empty spaces in the day scenes and at night there’s fire, lights and smoke. The woman in the face paint did a tremendous job at being the face of “Dreamville”. Her and Kenny worked well together, both had a good amount of chemistry in the scenes.
Dreamville, Kenny Holland
Dreamville, Kenny Holland
Overall this video and song can represent many different aspects and routes in life. Kenny Holland has a certain spirit and enthusiasm about him, people don’t only look at his projects for the music but his contagious spirit as well. Can’t wait to see what Kenny has in store in what’s left of 2016! Let us know what has been your favorite music video he has released and why!

By Monica Soriano