As soon as this music video went up it was being shared and posted about EVERYWHERE! DNCE have done it again, they have released another fun and catchy tune and delivered a great music video to go with it!

Many people are talking about the fact that model Ashley Graham was Joe Jonas‘ love interest and others are obsessing over the song itself. Seeing that Ashley Graham is a plus sized model, many fans have fallen even more in love with DNCE and respect that they embrace all sizes. Numerous people consider this a positive step towards acceptance of different shapes and sizes in the entertainment industry.

Ashley Graham is more than a model, she is a role model and in this video her fans get to see a different more personal side to her. The chemistry between her and Joe Jonas is undeniable as ‘Toothbrush’ revolves around the couple’s intimate moments and relationship.

The entire video was breathtaking, filled with warmth and love. The rooftop scenes showcasing the entire band added to the video in a positive way. Cheers to all the success DNCE is facing ‘Toothbrush‘ is another great step in their career!


By Monica Soriano pinkblack