Dis – Design Italian Shoes pursues a vision, refining a cultural heritage tied with forty years experience of Italian craftsmenship and excellence. Initially it was just  master shoemakers and a workshop of haut-de-gamme products. Now, thanks to Andrea and Francesco Carpineti brothers, the brand is becoming a worldwide icon of style.

Time passes but Made in Italy most precious characteristics still stay untouched: quality, passion for details, rigorously handmade manufacturing. These are the elements distinguishing DIS from its competitors, generating a unique example among the renowned worldwide luxury brands club.



Tradition and innovation blend together to create a unique shoe. Skilled and caring hands treasure artesanal manufacturing traditions, that are put in service of every customer, narrating a different story every time, as everyone is unique. Those are the two simultaneous fundamentals which DIS assembled to create its success. Perfectly combining antique artesanal knowhow, as to say the ability of creating entirely made-to-order shoes, DIS also focussed on evolving design and research.

The process of creating your own ideal shoes becomes ritual, choosing combinations, leathers, measuring feet; from imagination to reality through a 3D configurator with rendering as realistic as photos. These peculiarities are appealing to sophisticated and style-savvy/style expert customers, that only choose the best for himself.

A modern attitude applied to an antique savoir faire, protected by DIS master shoemakers. Some of them are in the company since 1976 and have seen this artesanal reality changing into a wellknown brand, without losing sight of authenticity and passion for high quality and beautiful things.

Luxury and selection are the values lying beneath the creation of DIS exclusive lines: Classic (timeless and addressed to bussinessman), Different (to express one’s flair) and Dress (for events to remember). DIS exalts its typical craftmanship spreading it to lasts, especially made to keep max comfort, to blake construction, as well as the choice of refined materials and the painstacking attention to every detail, from eyelets to monogram inscription.

DIS also creates a leather Accessory line, perfectly matching with DIS shoes, a sneaker line especially made for informal occasions and a Limited Edition, where the most innovative printing techniques embrace leather and where DIS artesans use their skills to paint and embellish shoes with their hands, just like an artist does with a blank canvas, creating unique masterpieces.