The actress Michelle Jenner is dressed in House creations in the film Julieta directed by Pedro Almodóvar.

Julieta is the tale of a woman with a dramatic fate, abandoned by her daughter, Antía, after her husband’s passing. A number of years later, a chance meeting between the heroine and her daughter’s childhood friend, Bea, played by Michelle Jenner, throws everything into disarray.

© El Deseo, D.A., S.L.U. Photos Manolo Pavon-1As a result, a shaken Julieta writes a long confession to Antía that transforms into an elaborate flashback with an enigmatic, myth-like air. Over the course of the movie, Pedro Almodóvar navigates between dreams, the technicolor universe of memory and reality itself, where loss and suffering make the world a grayer place.

© El Deseo, D.A., S.L.U. Photos Manolo Pavon-3

Adriana Ugarte and Emma Suárez – as past and present Julieta, respectively – give powerfully artistic performances in a drama melding love and guilt. In competition at the Festival de Cannes 2016, the film is an adaptation of three of writer Alice Munro’s short stories from the Runaway collection. Propelled to international fame by the success in 1991 of High Heels, Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar’s twentieth feature film is redolent with mystery.© El Deseo, D.A., S.L.U. Photos Manolo Pavon-4Actress Michelle Jenner, as Bea, the elegant journalist who unsettles Julieta’s new life, appears on screen in a number of Dior creations. Her first reappearance sees her wearing a black and white rollneck sweater from the fall-winter 2015 collection. In another scene, she wears a fiery red suit, a symbol of the passion and drama pulsing through the film. Bea sets herself apart as a woman of distinction right down to her accessories – Dior Tribale earrings and a Diorama bag lending the finishing touches to her look.

Photo by The Courtesy of Diorpinkblack