The exact moment when you are a little distracted from the world. You can dream and imagine anything you want. And then look around and suddenly find out that dreams and fantasies are quite real. Curtains can’t be the sea, but in your inner world anything can happen.

“I am walking. I am walking on The Avenue of Stars bond in Hong Kong looking on the opposite side of the bank. The sea of skyscrapers. Chiseled graphics of its buildings fascinate me. All this landscape together with the light show starts to resemble some kind of mosaic, detached fragments, a strange puzzle. The peculiar impression of what I’ve seen doesn’t leave me for several days. I’m constantly this picture in my head over again and again. A bit later, while packing my luggage for another trip for a shooting, I find a pendant in the form of scissors. Once upon a time when I were a schoolgirl and lived in Siberia my friend gave me this pendant as a gift. The scissors, the mosaic… I snatch a magazine, start pulling out the pages, cut out the details, mix the images, emotions, impressions. A collage. First. Spontaneous. But this is exactly what I have always loved. And how could I forget about it… In a non-stop cycle of moving around and changing timezones it was hard to catch inspiration. And only after I moved to Paris, my place, my favorite city, everything came together. Now it is much easier to create. It is much simpler to catch inspiration.

Different Art, Olga Salagaeva, Salagaeva Art

Rapid change of cities has influenced my sense. From Hong Kong – it is clear lines. From my small Siberian town – it is melancholy and life routine while waiting for something to happen. From Paris – it is sharp feeling of conciseness of its lines and clear understanding of what is working and what is not.

Different Art, Olga Salagaeva, Salagaeva Art

All collages are only handmade by me. Thanks to that you can see the whole life of an image/picture: joints, stitches, patches, volumes. When I make collages, I don’t even know how to describe this process… There is a term in literature – “a stream of consciousness”. This is exactly how I would describe my creative process. My thoughts pour out of my mind through scissors and paper”

Different Art, Olga Salagaeva, Salagaeva Art

Different Art, Olga Salagaeva, Salagaeva Art Different Art, Olga Salagaeva, Salagaeva Art


Main photo by Nora Jane