This season Kathleen Key, our favorite Korean designer,  focuses on unconventional silhouettes, mixture of bold contrasting color blocking and mix matched styling. The collection is heavily influenced by variety of retro, unisex streetwear from different periods. She proves again that gender doesn’t matter for her brand any more.


I feel that the zombies are metaphor of a people nowadays who are lacking human fundamentals and only filled with desire and instincts. As I lately find myself living hectic life with void and lost in intensions, I fear to find myself to turn out as one of the zombies. This collection is a statement that KYE is going back to basics, with improvements and my pledge of dedication.- says Kathleen Kye


This season, KYE presents different types of color palettes, mixture of multi textures, multi fabrics and development of interesting techniques. Royal blue, electric lime, red, olive, plaid and other colors were used effectively in the materials such as, faux fur, velvet, corduroy, various jerseys and etc.




Also Techniques like, knitted ribbing, silk printing, embroidery and flocking were used throughout the collection. The parody image of Iron Maiden’s Eddie is used as homage throughout the collection with other graphics