Denver, CO is known to be the place to travel to go skiing in the winter and to go to have the small town feels in a city. The key thing to know about this city is that it is a commuter city so be prepared to drive or at least call an uber to get around. You will quickly learn that everyone in Denver is respectful, nice and gives you the warm Denver welcome.


What makes Denver stand out as a city not only is the legalization of marijuana, or the fact that they just won the 2016 Superbowl, but the food is to die for.

We had a chance to visit a couple restaurants while in Denver and I have to say we were not disappointed.


Olive & Finch is your local eatery where you can come to eat and do work. What you will quickly find about this place to be the various sizes in tables from communal to the intimate one on one. You get the instant service of ordering at the cashier when walking in, but the fine dining service experience and taste once you sit down to eat.

Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner you will notice how fresh every ingredient is in their food. From freshly baked pastries, fresh pressed juices, sandwiches and more there is nothing on their menu that you will not be disappointed with. Their inspiration for this type of food service is being able to provide their clients with quick service with quality tasting food. As we all know we are all so busy with work that it is hard to find the time to sit down at a nice restaurant and enjoy delicious tasting food and Olive & Finch allowed for this to be possible for many locals around.


Cherry Cricket. If you haven’t heard of them by now I would assume that you don’t watch television. Cherry Cricket was featured on many food shows named to have the best burgers in town. When we sat down to check it out, not only did out taste buds understand, but for a burger to be so delicious it can put you in a food coma, now that is what I call a delicious burger. The restaurant may not give you the 5-star fine dining experience, but it does not matter when a restaurant like them offers food your mouth cannot say no to.


There is something almost comforting about Cherry Cricket’s environment being a laid back restaurant/bar. The staff is impeccable and has the full knowledge to tell you about everything on their menu. They treat you like family and quite honestly you will not want to leave once you step foot in their place.


It does not matter what restaurant you go to in Denver, you are guaranteed to have delicious fresh tasting food. With farm to table being such a popular thing in restaurants now it is no reason why the food industry in Denver is to competitive.

You can’t visit Denver without checking out the nightlife and although it is not like the big apple or the city of angels it has a unique set of bars, clubs and lounges. As expected we were not able to visit very single bar in Denver, but exploring the city as the locals do opened up our eyes to many things that were unknown to big city people. From hidden dive bars, secret doors to charming elegant lounges it has someone for everyone.


If there is one thing to take away from Denver, be prepared to eat! We recommend!

By Christpher Dela Cruz