For the first time you experience Los Angeles as a peaceful city and it is such a beautiful experience. You hear nothing, but the sound of your car engine turning off. To know that LA actually can be quiet is a rare experience for those who are lucky enough to experience it. This is what you get to witness if you wake up early for Daybreak Yoga.

Daybreak Yoga is an amazing early morning experience to have in LA. Whether you are a morning person or not or if you are expert at Yoga or your first time it is an experience everyone must try at least once. What makes this group so unique is not one location is ever the same. You might find yourself doing yoga in a coffee shop one day and then on the beach another. 

It like a secret club where the location is not announced unless you are on the secret list. Starting your day with Daybreak Yoga gives you that refresher restart button that everyone needs. Working and living in the chaos of Los Angeles, it is almost hard to find peace and quiet time and Daybreak Yoga is one of those peaceful gathering where you can’t help but be forced to relax.

They offer all their guests that come to enjoy juices, coffee, snack, ginger shots, to enjoy before and after the Yoga session. Everyone here is always in a positive mood and a great place to meet new people and make new friends.


After the Yoga session there is a dance party where they bring in a DJ and even more people join in fun outfits and have a HUGE dance party. Now if you haven’t heard of something like this before then you are right. Where do you go do Yoga and immediately have a HUGE dance party where instead of dancing the night away, you dance the morning away!

For anyone who is looking to do something different with their morning or have a different yoga experience, Daybreak Yoga is something everyone should look into. We guarantee it is a fun experience that is like no other.



by Christopher Dela Cruz