Damn it! I hate fashion seasons, that time of the year when fashion displays its passing fancies, crushing looks, and extravagant instants become abruptly obsolete, there is ephemeral beauty and dazzle set of lights.Suddenly! Out of the blue the thrill is gone, the curtain gets off the heavy velvet weight, the lights and camera gone, front roles empty and the autumn’s chill freezes the artistic performances and cools off the body of the models so they set out to imprison their bodies with tones of clothes. The rain extinguishes the latest fireworks of the show, it all seem like the moments of creative labour is in vain it is so ostentatious. It almost seems like all these fashion companies only create product for these passing fancies and for people like us who loves to see quality and creativity in as the bed rock of fashion brands are starving severely.

D'ASY (LEI) Rossa

I just only fall for brands that isn’t affected by seasons like the falling autumn leaves I mean whose product we can use all year round… and D’ASY Milano bags is one of such brand. D’ASY Milano bags is a class without any ostentation; it is the current reinterpretation of the classic and custom, set out to deviate from pre-established models her designs are timeless and epitomize ‘made in Italy’. The brand is created by two friends who are inspired by the world of art and myth.

It was a great joy to talk to the representative of the brand who gave us all access to what inspired the brand and their future plans for the brand.


Spy newsmagazine: It is a great pleasure to talk to you about your brand D’ASY Milano, tell me please how did it all started?

D’ASY Milano: Everything started almost two years ago. Alessandra had the idea to design a new bag during an unforgettable stroll in Sardinia. Not finding her new bag among the ones in the marketplace, her husband provokes her with a new challenge: “Why don’t you create the bag you want by your own?” So they started. In few days Alessandra and Silvana joined forces to begin an intense creative research, launching their new brand D’ASY Milano in 2015, after a year of preparation. Since then, Alessandra and Silvana work closely from sketching the new models to selecting the finest materials for their pieces, discussing the business plan, preparing special events for their clients.

Borse D'ASY (LEI) beige

Spy newsmagazine: D’ASY Milano is described as class without ostentation, current reinterpretation of the classic and custom, to deviate from pre-established models, what inspires your own creations?

D’ASY Milano: We get inspirations from the word of arts and myth. We do not use any mood book. We make connections with artists we know, travelling memories and stories triggering other cultural connections. It’s an imaginative ping-pong play among us. The colors and shapes derive from a combination of creative journey and a careful selection of materials, like the colorful and precious silk handcrafted in Como that we love to adorn our bags to make them unique.  Above all, the secret ingredient is the passion of things made perfectly, the will to create bags made to last, with a pinch of brightness for the everyday life.

Spynewsmagazine: Your bags designs send signals down my spine, it is flawless and inspiring. How do you want your customers to feel when they wear your bag?

D’ASY Milano: Proud of wearing a stunning entirely made in Italy product, created by the hand of the most expert artisans combining traditions with modern technology.

Proud of wearing something special uniquely created for them. This is why our client can personalize their bag choosing a particular silk pattern created in limited edition or engraving the metal plate inside the bag.

Proud of being a woman with a strong personality, elegant and classy with an unconventional mood and joy of life.


Spynewsmagazine: A lot of people say think that the is Italian fashion industry starving of creativity, facts shows that the industry has never lacked creativity, the fact is that a lot of Italian brands are not telling stories where there is attention which is the internet and social media within, how is D’ASY Milano using the internet and social media in telling your story?

D’ASY Milano: We have an unconventional way to convey the D’ASY essence and image.

In line with the beauty of our bags, we decided not to follow what others do and to follow our most inner feelings and intimate language. We do not want to tell our clients the story of D’ASY, we want them to become part of it. This is why we involve our most loyal customers to take part to our creative process, sharing ideas on new materials and sketches or even inviting them to meet the artists with whom we often collaborate. In other words, we want them to join our creative flows of ideas and to share our feelings and emotions about D’ASY and its surroundings. We do it through our social network, sharing nice moments of D’ASY’s life on Facebook and Instagram (D’ASY Milano) as writing a diary together, in a continuous dialogue with our friends.

13433234_854888137948693_5805597872554498028_o (1)

We also do it live during our events with the artists we love, like Maestro Minestrini, Luigi Gattinara, TF Gorgo and Michela Baldi to name a few; or cocktails, parties or special night galas with other designers of artistic and special handmade products, like the next Salon of Excellence that will take place in Florence during next Pitti Uomo at Palazzo Capponi-Vettori next June14th, where D’ASY Milano will be present together with other masters of craftsmanship selected by Lady Cris Egger and Alex Dordevic. It’s a continuous exchange of ideas and feelings in person and through our social media. But the best is yet to come. We are launching our website in few months and it will add another channel to get closer to D’ASY’s world and write our story together with our friends.

Spynewsmagazine: Where can we buy D’ASY Milano bags, can we shop online?

D’ASY Milano: Today you can find the D’ASY Milano bags’ collections in the historic and awarded boutique of Gilardoni in Como or at the exclusive venue of Chia Laguna Hotel in Sardinia, close to the wonderful city of Cagliari.

We do not have activated any e-commerce yet, as we prefer our clients to smell, touch and appreciate the beauty of our bags in person. But we cannot exclude that we will launch our shop online in the future, especially for our loyal clients outside Italy.


And of course, we love to receive special requests for any made-to-measure bags by our clients. We are available for any inquiries about special custom pieces or even about our new collections at info@dasymilano.com . We often request to visit our client at home for special creations or a private and exclusive D’ASY collections’ presentation in very singular venue, like an enchanting mansion in Venice or in Bellagio, in the breathtaking scenery of Como Lake or in our temporary-ateliers we often open to our clients in Milan to enjoy very unique and special places of Milan, always changing locations to discover new fantastic and inspiring corners of our city.

What plans do you have for the future?

Enlarging our collections with two new amazing models and accessories (we can’t wait for it!) and expand our presence to reach our new potential clients in Europe and Overseas, a very sophisticated niche who have appetite for new exclusive designers entirely handcrafted with the expertise of the Italian traditions and yet very innovative and open to new creative ideas and technology. And of course, our dream is to continue to make our customers get interested and surprised with our bags and to fall in love with our new irresistible collections.

Interviewed by  Anderson Azugbene pinkblack