Fashion heritage sometimes needs to be played on and pushed forward. Fashion is no longer what we wear or how we wear it, it is more about how what we choose to wear inspires us and what it makes us do. We love Diesel’s new campaign, because it inspires us to love and accommodate. The best brands are the ones that compel us to feel something, as they deliberately want us to feel it. Roberta Cenci has done just that with the way she tries to diffuse our fear of dark and gothic, shown in her latest collection.

Inspired by the nineteenth century and creating a form of beauty from death and the dark side of life, the collection shows experimentation with skulls and faun with integration of high street fashion, thereby creating an erotic and mystic imagery that depicts a lady to be stylish, gothic and edgy. She has succeeded in making us see the glamour in dark and gothic.

She was  showcasing her designs at our press event in Los Angeles (read more here), as well at Marche Creative during Milan Design Week.

We wish to use this medium in congratulating Italy for the birth of a new goddess, Roberta Cenci, a woman with creaivity that is unending and transends in the fashion industry.


by Anderson Azugbene