A quality common theme unites Franceschetti‘s entire heritage. Not just a way of doing things, but a constant fidelity to a mission.: the elegance of well-done here becomes the daily value. Together with a research aimed to interpret a formal and contemporary design. Nowadays the man shows the need for a product that is expression of wisdom, experience and contemporaneity. A “Dandy’s Mood” current, sophisticated, but updated and possible. Franceschetti is a consistent performer of it.The creative phase is addressed to the “Contemporary Dandy“. To those men who are looking for products that are an expression of quality, of an ancient know-how. Laced shoes, double buckles, boots, slippers that draw the universe experiential company. Combinations of different materials such as suede and calf leather, sheep leather and wool create a sophisticated and elegant result.The appointment with the cold season in 2017 marks a turning point in the whole  conception of the image of the maison. Francheschetti introduces a “cabinet” at Pitti91  to represent and speak of “their man”. It is the set-up of a closet cabinet , almost a private boudoir and intimate, accompanied by objects and memories into a clever dosed play between irony and proposal. A private corner, the one of the secrets. Elegance and grace. It is ideally Andrea Franceschetti’s cabinet, he is the totally adherent interpreter of the brand vision and testimonial of the advertising campaign starting from spring 2017.