DAMIANI opened a new boutique in Shanghai and officially announced Ms. Song Qian as the brand’s first ambassador in China. Ms. Song was present at the official  store opening ceremony and witnessed DAMIANI’s Italian craftsmanship heritage comes to live in this fashion capital of China

Following DAMIANI’s exquisite design concept, the new boutique is a magnificent interpretation of the brand’s elegant essence. Pillars and light boxes at the store front accentuated intricate details of the jewelry pieces; accompanied by the bright window display of the brand’s extraordinary world of jewellery masterpieces. The boutique’s refined design of gentle tones creates a stylish and welcoming atmosphere, marked by the perfect balance of quality materials, sophisticated details and opulent finishes, for a discreet and sensational setting.The Plaza 66 boutique enables guests to experience Italian royal luxury in a unique and privileged way.

On the opening day, the brand’s ambassador Ms. Song Qian visited the 2017 new Margherita jewelry collection exhibition held in the atrium area of the Shanghai Plaza 66 mall. The story of Queen Margherita dates back to a hundred years ago when Enrico Grassi Damiani, founder of the DAMIANI brand, was just 15 years old. He dedicated a series of jewelry pieces to the Queen, the Bloom collection.

And today, the Damiani family drew inspiration from the founder’s original design sketches and created the new Margherita jewelry collection. This new line was only shown in Italy before traveling to China as the first destination of a global exhibition tour, a true experience of the world’s top jewelry art universe.