Designer Cristina Ruales debuted her capsule SS17 collection on September 11th in the INGLOT Pro Studio in Chelsea Market. Ruales’ third season participating in NYFW, will launch her #INSEASON e-commerce website in the coming week. This event was part of the CFDA NYFW calendar of events and led the way with her #INSEASON theme, focusing on social media and customer base that drew in the participation of its attendees.


Cristina Ruales is a strong believer in female empowerment and celebrating ones individuality; this is a large part of the ethos of her brand. Ruales has been an admirer of the work that Girls, Inc. does across the nation and was thrilled to have collaborated with them this season, which further propelled both of their empowering messages.



The Cristina Ruales collection keeps true to the brand identity of “Nature vs. Architecture,” celebrating her love for nature and the beauty found in the contrasts within the architectural structures that we live in and amongst. Cristina Ruales’ Collection is inspired by clean lines, a touch of whimsy this season, and focusing on the architecture of the clothing – along with delving deeper into her “brush stroke” print, with her painterly artistic approach to prints, bringing home her idea of the stripe; this was originally inspired by artist Gherard Richter.



As far as structure and silhouette, Ruales marks her shapes to become classics of the Cristina Ruales collection to be known for the Triangle dress, and Triangle top. Most hems are knife or laser cut, representing her clean lines. These lines will look effortless, although when you look closely you will see nothing is effortless in this collection, something Cristina finds crucial, a fit you can count on!

Ruales’ main message is “CELEBRATE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY!” which expresses her Collection’s inspiration: “If I can give confidence or support a woman to feel empowered and sexy in a new way then I have done my job.”


Photo: The Courtesy Of Cristina Ruales