Sara Valante’s dexterity and passion for made in Italy cannot be unnoticed even if you are new to this environment. Her bag design takes you on imaginative journey, it is so amazing. Observing her bags designs takes you on of those journeys rigorous but rewarding climbing hills and while atop hills looking down over valleys, towns and villages and fields and as the minutes go by, the heather stretching in every direction is illuminated as everything else, line and detail soaked clear with daylight.

Yes. Lines and details soaked in pure passion to create what I call creating new identity. Sara Valente’s piece as she have described is a conceptual shifts between fashion accessory and object design. Her pieces are characterized by geometry form with oriental lines while having a romance with innovation and multifunctional creative design aesthetic. When ask where she gets her inspiration from the Rome base designer says she gets her inspiration from observing everyday life and using her imagination.

We had a chance to speak to the very talented designer. Please tag along.

Spy News Magazine: Can you tell us about your brand, where did the idea come from?

Sara Valente: After various jobs in the design accessory sector, I decided to delve into my own creative course with a desire to create a product that conceptually shifts between fashion accessory and object design. I am inspired by both my surroundings and my imagination.

Spy News Magazine: Tell us a bit about yourself, about your professional path.

Sara Valente: I’m from Rome, I’m thirty two years old and I’m an accessory designer.I developed my passion for accessories while studying Fashion and Costume Design at Rome’s La Sapienza University and completing Fashion and Accessory Design courses at the Accademia di Costume e di Moda.

Spy News Magazine: What are the greatest sources of inspiration for your works and how would you describe your bag designs?

Sara Valente: My collections come forth from observing everything around me, at all times of the day, continuously looking for objects that strike me due to their clean lines and shapes; objects that allow me to delve into that playful state. I am able to modify the essence of what I have created and add a few straps to complete the product. By playing with these shapes and forms, I started to design small paper prototypes/constructs of the bags using paper napkins whilst at a bar.

I think that the artistic process needs to have this playful component. One needs to have fun creating, and transferring part of this playfulness into the object, the bag, and to the woman wearing the bag. I design and create with my hands multifunctional bags that change shape and size to suit the occasion. My style blends pure geometric shapes with oriental influencesI have a passion for artisanal, handcrafted objects and search tirelessly for premium Italian materials.

Spy News Magazine: What type of a woman wears SARA VALENTE BAGS?

Sara Valente: An elegant and independent woman who is looking for refinement and practicality with a twist of artisanal innovation.

Spy News Magazine: We truly believe that whatever you do, your job is to tell your story, the story that stands behind your product. How are you leveraging new media in telling your story and selling your brand?

Sara Valente: I think that new media, especially the social networks, offer incredible opportunities to create a stunning storytelling through pictures and images able to spread Sara Valente philosophy. They represent the first step to unveil my products both in stores and online.

Spy News Magazine: What plans do you have for the future of the brand?

Sara Valente: Reaching out the new frontiers of a perfect handcrafted accessories line.

Spy News Magazine: Where can we buy the bags? Can we shop online?

Sara Valente: In some exclusive Rome based stores and I’m going to sell my product an a new e-commerce platform in the next month.