On August 25th, 2016 Courtney Allegra, 19, celebrated her soon to be opened store on Melrose. The VIP party included her designs displayed along a white wall following the pink carpet.
The entire room was filled with models sporting the designs, special guests walking the carpet and fashion enthusiasts talking over drinks. The night had all the makings for success, including a very special guest – Janice Dickinson!
Janice Dickinson and Courtney AllegraJanice Dickinson and Courtney Allegra
Her line, inspired by the Amazon Rainforest captured her youthful and fun appeal. The prices range from $40-$120 and she already has a roster of celebs and models in her wear – she has been designing since age 15!
Brandon Bailey, Ava Capra and Damon Nelson
Brandon Bailey, Ava Capra and Damon Nelson
Here are some words the young designer and entrepreneur had to say about her line.
Spy News Magazine: In 3 words can you describe your store?
Courtney Allegra: My three words – Funky, Fun and Fresh!
Spy News MagazineWhat do you hope people feel when wearing your line?
Courtney Allegra: I want people to feel confident, sexy and everything the want to be!
Spy News MagazineAny new lines?
Courtney Allegra: Yeah! I have a new line for Miami Swim, it’s not out right now. It’s a lot of Suede pieces so that’ll be at the grand opening!
Visit the store starting Saturday September 10, 2016
7224 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Covered by Monica Soriano
Photo by Jeff Linett