Where to start with this gorgeous venue. Circa 1900 is definitely a place to visit while in Cebu, Philippines. This 5 Star Restaurant and Venue is so beautiful and the staff are impeccable. Circa 1900 first opened in 2014 with Casa Uno and in 2016 opened up the extension across the property Casa Dos. Both very beautiful, but very different. One is Japanese influenced while the other has a more Spanish influence to it.

Before you ask, yes you can rent this place out for weddings and yes this is also open to the public to eat at.

So here is the breakdown at Circa 1900. No you don’t have to start at Casa Uno to get to Casa Dos. Casa Uno is the place where you go to have your main dinner. Here you will have a 5 course meal with every item made to perfection. Let us to you that you will NOT be disappointed by any of the options they have. Casa Dos is the place you go to have casual drinks and have tapas.

Now let’s take it back to the beginning…

Getting to Circa 1900 is not the easiest and not too many locals will know where it is. So Rule #1 no matter where you are staying be sure that the hotel you stay at has a car service that way they can take you there. Getting back the restaurant can get a taxi or if you prefer have your hotel car service pick you up for Php450. Once you get on the road to Circa 1900 it is a very quiet excluded area and at the end of the road you will find the Circa 1900.

When you drive onto the lot Casa Uno will be on your right and Casa Dos is to the left. As explained by the staff most guests will start off at Casa Dos for light drinks and bites. Casa Dos has an absolutely stunning architecture to the building. At the main entrance you can walk up the step into the building or walk down a path directly in front of the entrance that overlooks the pool.

Here you should really try the Filippo Cocktail or the Pepe Cocktail. Both fruitfully delicious, but also very different.

If you are wondering what to try regarding their tapas style food a couple of the favorites are the Chicken Cigars or Chicken Crisp Mix.

When you head to Casa Uno for dinner you are greeted with a grand white staircase so beautiful it puts you in such awe. Casa Uno was a historic Japanese home before converted into the restaurant and when you walk through you really feel the authenticity of the home they kept. You have light jazz music playing in the background and as you sit down to eat you prepare for the 5 course meal you are about to partake in.

Cocktail Recommendations:

  1. Mr. Myagi
  2. Geisha

Food Recommendations:

  1. Citrus Glazed Beef Tepanaki w/ Enoki Mushrooms & Sunflower Sprouts Php 395
  2. Crispy Ravioli Filled w/ Buffalo Cheese, Fresh Button & Swiss Brown Mushroom, Parcini Mushroom & Truffle Cream Sauce Php 330
  3. Smoked Marlin, Arugala Mesclun & Grilled Saba Banana w/ Singkamas & Tangy Wasabi Dill Sauce Php 265
  4. Slow Braised Lengua Pot Pie Php595
  5. Homemade Pumpkin Parpadelle w/ Fresh Mushroom, Avocado Oil, Asparagus & Macadamia Nuts Php450
  6. Crumbed Chicken Pollo Rollo filled with spinach, raisins, and cashews & Manchego Cheese, on Red Bell Pepper Cream with Quinoa, Cous Cous & Flaxseeds Php495
  7. Grilled Grouper & Crispy Baby Crabs with turmeric salted egg sauce, camotes & baby haricot beans Php550

Overall your experience at Circa 1900 is an unforgettable experience and if you are able to go more than once then I guarantee you will fall in love every time. What is so amazing about Circa 1900 no matter if you want to eat at Casa Uno or Dos you even have the option to enjoy your meal outside.

I highly recommend making reservations here when you visit Cebu City, Philippines because you will not regret it.


By Christpher Dela Cruz