This has to be one of the hottest party music EP’s by a female singer in a while. Although, new music is released everyday there’s something so addicting about ‘Discreet‘. The Fosters starlet outdid herself with this 6 track release. The whole project is well written and produced. Cierra sounds crispy clear and one can’t help but to want to hit replay. It’s the type of music you party to, listen in the car with your friends after a long day or even pre gaming.

Cierra took what most male artists such as Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Jeremih release and turned it into her own thing. If she keeps this up, she’s well on her way to being on the level of Rihanna. Many people would not expect her to release such sexually driven music but truth of the matter is, it suits her voice and it suits her.

Check out her EP below!


By Monica Soriano