Celia Vela debuted at the Gaudí Fashion Show in Barcelona. She is currently a regular participant in 080 Barcelona Fashion. With her own store in Figueras, her collections can also be found in Japan; a country she first traveled to in 1999 and was fascinated by and where she now has a Tokyo showroom. She has also shown her collection at the Saló Atmosphère during the Paris Fashion Week and collaborated with Coty-Astor, Moda FAD, Bcn Moda Center, DuPont, the Textile Circle and Lucky Strike among others. Since 1998 she has received a number of awards among them the 2015 National Best Collection Award from the Generalitat of Catalonia and participated in exhibitions, round tables and fashion conferences. Femininity, sophistication and an attention to detail are her hallmark.

Immediacy does not seem to be an option. Fashion is ephemeral by nature. Transgression has always been a creative resource. Designing without being aware of the world for which one is designing does not seem sensible. All paths seem to lead us to the same place. From August to September. Beyond- is only the distant future … and a new capsule awaiting.


Photo: Barcelona Fashion pinkblack