Who remembers when this talented singer popped into the scene with “Call Me Maybe“? It was everywhere ……… EVERYWHERE. It was the track that established Carly as a known artist and gave her massive amount of time on the radio.

The Carly Rae Jepsen just released EMOTION SIDE B and there’s no better way to describe it than – 80’s. She captures the essence of Madonna and Cindy Lauper. It’s rather refreshing to hear this type of sound being brought back to this generation.


She’s fun and funky. She’s colorful and incredibly talented as both and actress and a singer. (If you didn’t know Carly has a background in Musical Theatre which led her to make her debut in Grease Live early this year!) One can only wait to see which music video she’ll release from this project!

Favorite Tracks:
The One

Take a Listen to EMOTION SIDE B and experience a taste of youthful and 80’s inspired tunes! Let us know what your favorite tracks are!


By Monica Soriano Valentines-day-hearts-clip-art-valentine-week-6-2