The fashion world is full of young talent, of eclectic materials, and of visual striking ideas, so it’s no surprise that on the catwalks of today you see just as many feminine and flowy creations as you do hyper-modern, masculine designs. Cue in Baltazar Cheri. The brand name itself inspires an array of contrasting reactions: The diabolical charisma associated with the myth of Baltazar, paired with the contradictory innocent freshness of the name Cheri. This seems to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Zaven and Timur’s brand. As the creative designers behind Baltazar Cheri, the young duo seem to have created a distinctive style that manages to harmoniously clash with itself, in the most devilishly delightful of ways.

Sleek and sexy dresses are adorned with whimsical feathers and jewels, elegant corsets that recall the ultra-feminine burlesque era are perfectly balanced with modern cuts and bright colors. Vintage and modern coexist for looks that are surprising and powerful, a mix of magic and classic. This distinctive and original style is perfect for the modern woman who is both strong yet feminine.

Elements reminiscent of the retro 50’s show off a new interpretation of femininity, with a modern twist. Fiery women who are both genuine and emotive become the heroines of Baltazar Cheri’s catwalks. Their designs represent both contrasting sides of a strong woman’s lifestyle and character: fiercely independent yet genuine and vulnerable, strikingly bold yet coyly feminine.

The epitome of chic fashion, the fashion house creates marvelous pieces of Haute Couture with stunning details that almost belong in another time, world, or dimension.

Their original and unusual materials are intertwined with classic textures and shapes, adding further to their contrasting mystique. Cork allows the corsets to maintain their rigid form, a pseudo-silk created from algae naturally produces mesmerizing colors, while a range of gems and rhinestones take the place of the beadwork more traditionally used in the fashion world today.

As if that wasn’t enough, Zaven’s Armenian roots and Timur’s Georgian heritage is also harmoniously reflected in the creations, adding an intriguing Oriental nuance to the mix.

Fortunately, their desire to dress the modern woman extends beyond Haute Couture. Wanting to become more accessible to a wider demographic, the once very exclusive brand has recently launched a new Prêt-a-Porter line that is as eclectic and charismatic as the bold everyday heroines that inspire their designs.

Photographed by J.Lin Anhalt

Styled by Russ Ev

Model: Maria Beljanina

Dresses by Baltazar Cheri

Special thanks goes to Luxury Lifestyle Atelier Mila Anufrieva Milan for helping organizing the shoot.