BVLGARI celebrates the new edition of its famous snake bag.

The glorious architecture of Rome has found a splendid echo in the new palette of shapes and colors. The Rome opulence is omnipresent in every bag, silk scarf and sunglasses.

A new precious piece from the fall16 collection has a shape of snake head and is available in all different colors and leather variants including the snake skin itself. The master  of gemstones enhances its Accessories with vibrancy of jewel inspiration : Royal Sapphire as Blue and Raspberry Agate as Red and Violet in the tender Amethyst.

That was a Wonderland where all women could feel themselves First Ladies. First came a very popular Taiwan TV host and presenter Dee Hsu. And later at night  was totally stunning in her precious BVLGARI Snake necklace! Micol Sabbadini, Caroline Vreeland, and other Italian and international beauties gathered together to dance the night away at BVLGARI dinner. Have a look at our Photo gallery!