In Cannes, France is the Cannes Film Festivals where actors, producers and directors from all over come together to showcase their films and see the best of the best films. With many film festivals all over the world this is the place to be. Not only do you make new networking contacts, create business deals and it is a place to validate oneself. The amount of A List celebrities that attend this awesome event is ridiculous.

The coast of the Cote d'Azur near VillefrancheThe Cannes Film Festival is one of those festivals that celebrities go to because they know they won’t be bothered by others asking for selfies, wherever they go. They love going to hotels where they don’t have to worry about anyone going up to them and can finally have a place to relax and the two best places are Hotel Martinez and Hotel Majestic, Cannes most exclusive luxury resorts.

From high end designers, A list celebrities these hotels are the places to go to when you are wanting to get ready for the film festival but still have a place to relax.

The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Martinez Cannes 4

As part of the Hyatt family Hotel Martinez is located in a fantastic location on Boulevard de la Croisette that gives you overlooking views of the Bay of Cannes and the Mediterranean Sea. As a luxury 5 star hotel not only does it surpass all of guests expectations that stay, but allows guests that stay to be in the such a prime location for exhibitions and conventions.

Martinez Cannes 5The hotel not only is a hotel of luxury, but has established itself as the flagship luxury hotel located in the Cannes Riviera. Hotel Martinez satisfies its guests with the architecture being of “timeless beauty, elegance and sophistication…” allowing for visitors to have an impeccable holiday during their visit.

Martinez CannesHotel Martinez is one of the top European luxury hotels in Europe and continues to maintain and withhold that reputation and highly recommended by celebrities from all over the world.

Hotel Barriere Le Majestic

“Luxury and Prestige – Excellence on the Croisette” -Hotel Barriere Le Majestic

Majestic Cannes 2One of the many exclusive hotels that is located on Boulevard de la Croisette, this luxury hotel is one of many tourists favourite hotels to stay at. Newly remodeled, Hotel Le Majestic is face front to the Mediterranean Sea.Majestic Cannes 5Being one of many hotels with a private beach this hotel is welcomes everyone of all ages including children, which not only makes this a great destination for singles and couples, but for celebrities to come and get away from the chaos of Hollywood and relax and get away.

Majestic Cannes4 Majestic Cannes 3The possibilities at Hotel Barriere Le Majestic is endless. From sports, casinos, restaurants, bars, kids activities, private beaches, spas and more no matter what time of the year you are coming to visit, you will experience luxury at its finest and is no wonder why celebrities choose this hotel as one of their first destination hotels in Europe.


By Christopher De La Cruz