The Broods had their music video release party for their single “Heartlines” (co written with Lorde and Joel Little) at The Microsoft Lounge in Venice, CA. It was a rather interactive event as it was filled with good vibes, good food and drinks. There was time to mingle before The Broods took over The Microsoft Lounge and showed their new music video to attending guests.


The idea for the video was music meets technology which came along with their partnership with Microsoft. The whole concept of having Microsoft Music X Tech (which monitors the heart rate and energy levels among other acts of movement), made for some beautiful visuals. Intertwining heart rate detector technology with The Broods music is unlike anything out at the moment. Their partnership with Microsoft means good music will be backed with good technology. The whole concept of heart rate visuals will go beyond the music video as they will have the bands while performing on tour – which will allow a live display of emotion and energy levels.

After the music video release, came a behind the scenes clip which gave an insight as to the creation of it all and how much effort Broods put not only in front of the camera but also behind the scenes. As the brother sister duo from New Zealand started to perform their set, the crowd around them began to fall in deep emotion with every song. They performed a short set, just Georgia and Caleb. No band was necessary for such an intimate event. Among the songs they performed was “Heartlines” and an acoustic rendition of “Free“. The whole occasion was private as it was an invite only event. Looking forward to seeing them incorporate Microsoft technology on their tour and of course seeing them take over the world with their music. No doubt the Broods are talented, just watch their live performances, music videos and behind the scenes clips of their work.
By Monica Soriano Valentines-day-hearts-clip-art-valentine-week-6-2