By Kristina Gesell


It’s here…That time of year known by all singles as “no fun“. Officially. Its getting chilly and many more layers are now needed to stay nice and warm. However, it’s not only our body that needs to be kept cozy but also our hearts.


Somehow, every autumn feels colder if you are single. As soon as summer ends, all the illusion of fun of being single disappears into thin air. Why is that? Summer brings much fun with its outdoor parties and exciting travels. Everybody tends to go out and enjoy crowds. You are basically never alone. And how about the super tempting summer fling story?


I’m not judging! We all enjoyed it at some point in our lives. However, summer ends. And you are again kept indoors on your favorite sofa with your favorite TV show. And those holidays! It’s never fun if you are alone or… even worse if you are at a family gathering. Mom is nagging about grandchildren or, if you have nieces and nephews, she simply feels bad for you. I know! No fun. Take action!  


You still have time before the holiday season. Stop watching Bridget Jones – it’s hilarious, but demotivating and distracting. Don’t let your true love story stop before it even begins. Pull yourself together. Figure out what it is that stops you from cuddling with your Prince Charming on cold winter nights and, honestly, throughout the whole year. Go out! Yes, even on a cold day there are many things to do in city where you potentially could meet your love.


Activate your online dating account or ask your friends to introduce you to their single friends. It is just the right time for romantic date on a ice rink or cooking class. Don’t forget to spoil yourself. Regularly go to spa, mani-pedi, shopping. Those will create flirty mood. Hang out only with people who love you and make you feel great about yourself. That will boost you confidence. . He is there! I promise…

Photo: Dakota Olsen, Roger Solbakke, Madeline Becker, Sergey Ponomarevimages