The title might be a little bit misleading, as Danila Kozlovsky can in no way be considered ordinary. He is one of the main leading stars of contemporary Russian cinema, an award-winning actor who has graced both television and the big screen with a variety of eclectic roles and performances. Given his remarkable acting abilities, discovering the fact that he also wanted to start singing came as a big surprise. Danila calls it his big dream, something that has always felt like a part of him. We had the pleasure of discovering this new side of Kozlovsky when he decided to ring in his birthday by throwing himself a party.


He gathered all of his closest friends and family in one place for an unforgettable evening of festivities, and of course, for his musical debut. I couldn’t speak for others but I personally have to say that this concert was deeply touching.


Danila Kozlovsky did not perform like you would expect a modern movie actor to do, but rather, lit up the room in a debut that more closely recalls a star from the days when musicals and show tunes reigned the silver screen.


And so, inspired by Frank Sinatra and other stars of the Rat Pack era, Kozlovsky danced and sang all night long, giving a performance as we’ve never seen before. From one melodic tune to another he revealed that his talent goes far beyond his acting abilities, as his vocal capacities and overall grace and style truly wowed the audience.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

His theater and cinema co-stars Elizaveta Boyarskaya and  Kseniya Rappoport came to wish him good luck, along with famed Russian producers Philipp Kirkorov and  Igor Krutoy.

Ksenia Rappoport

Kseniya Rappoport

Igor Krutoj

Igor Krutoy


Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya

And of course, his lovely Mom Nadezhda also made an appearance in order to wish her son a happy birthday!

Katya Lavrovskaya

We wish Danila great success and a big career as the  singing star we know he is!

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