Italy certainly has her charms, as she always insists on originality, tradition, authenticity, and the past. She gifts you the imaginative feeling of being charmed by something that doesn’t disappear when you become distracted. They say never become captive of the environment, instead find yourself. However, who can resist the charms of this beautiful country that is Italy.
We always tell ourselves that we will never look elsewhere, but that is the lie we subconsciously tell ourselves, that our wants are never satiable. She speaks Spanish and just like Italy she is beautiful, and her eyes? Her eyes are born for us to look upon and know ourselves, know that words are never enough to describe her beauty, and her name?  Her name is Spain. It was on this adulterous journey to Spain that we set our eyes on IMACHIC, a Spanish base bag brand that creates bags as beautiful as Spain itself.
IMACHIC designs tell a cohesive story, the type that communicates in unison between fragility and the incomparable strength of a woman while keeping an eye on quality, craftsmanship and use of raw materials. At first glance you will notice that no stone was left unturned in creating one of Spain’s best kept secrets. We had a great time talking to Ana who is the creative director of the brand, tag along as she takes us through her journey.
Spy News Magazine: Can you tell me about your brand, where did the idea of creating Imachic come from?
Ana: One day I dreamed it, and when I woke up I knew immediately that I had to make it come true. I wanted to create a brand of leather bags of very high quality, where artisan tradition, exclusivity and design work hand in hand. This offers the customer the possibility of being part of the process of creating their bag, making them live a unique and very special experience. Thus, Imachic was born.
Spy News Magazine: What can you tell us about your professional path?
Ana: I studied architecture in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. There, I obtained a Masters Degree where I specialized in the creation of companies in both Internet and Digital Marketing. After exercising as an architect, I decided to launch myself and create my own handbag firm, as I am extremely passionate about the design and fashion accessories.
Spy News Magazine: You come from a family with about 100 years old tradition running businesses in leather works. How has that family tradition helped you in creating iconic pieces?
Ana: My grandfather had a factory where he tanned and marketed furs. My city, Valencia, was a city of leather artisans and my father always talked about the work that they did, which had left an imprint on me from a very young age. So, when I decided to design my own bags, It was clear that they would be Skin, in honor of my family, their tradition, and the delicate craftsmanship to which they were dedicated.
Spy News Magazine: How will you describe a women who wears your bags? How do you want her to feel when she carries each unique piece?
Ana: A confident, independent, and individual woman. In these times, in which all products are repeated, you have to mark style and regain exclusivity. That is how I want the women to feel who carry my bags. Not only feel unique and special, but able to create their own style, a style that reflects her own personality.
Spy News Magazine: Obviously, you have a rich family heritage with an amazing story, and we live in an era where story telling grabs the people’s attention, which help us to sell. How do you tell your story?
Ana:  A few years ago, only the big brands could appear in television or fashion magazines. If you did not have the budget for that, you had only a few options. Today, thanks to social networks, you can get closer to your audience and interact with them. You can tell your story, create content that arouses your curiosity and interest, and show your product to an audience that can now find information about you in a faster way. We take great care of our social networks, and use them as a platform in getting to know our clients and interact with them.
Spy News Magazine: What plans do you have for the future of the brand ?
Ana: I have a great feedback from the fashion editors, influences and customers. We are already working on new designs and products. Our goal is to expand our distribution network in Spain and in other countries to make us known internationally.
Spy News Magazine: Where can we purchase your bags?
Our handbags are sold through our main channel, our online store, and are also marketed through online stores in United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, in physical stores in Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia.