-I have the good fortune of having my store located in the true heart of the Italian capital, at the intersection of Via Borgognona and Via Mario Dè Fiori, and right next the Gucci and Balenciaga stores!


Though I must say this location wasn’t chosen merely by chance, it is strategically in a central area where there is a high concentration of shoppers, and more so, it is located near the laboratory where I craft my bags. So rather than “Made In Italy”, you could say my bags are more specifically “Made In Rome.” I am very proud of this fact!


-In my opinion, this very studio where you are now sitting is in one of the most charming areas of Rome. From Piazza del Popolo it is just a 10 minute walk over the Regina Margherita bridge and you are in a completely different place. There is no chaotic storm of tourists, but rather a tranquil atmosphere amidst incredible green scenery. When we walk to the store, I’ll even show you my secret route that I take every day, it always reminds me that this fantastic city never stops taking your breath away.

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-(Laughing) It really is a difficult world for women wanting to start a business, especially at a time when the market is over-saturated with goods of every category. Every year universities produce a huge number of young and talented people, all with new and exciting ideas. And many take the well trodden path of arranging an internship at some famous fashion house. I have a slightly different story. I am an architect by profession, though I’ve always had a passion for fashion, ever since I was a child. Since I can remember, I’ve always loved that which was individually made, uniquely for me. My mother and grandmother worked for professional tailors, so you can imagine why I’ve developed a passion for having an individual approach to each customer. As an architect, you have to work with certain dimensions and materials that are guided by the wishes of the client. I adhere to the same philosophy when creating bags. Each one is unique. If you buy a Badura bag, you can be sure that no other is exactly like it. Each bag is assigned a unique number, and I only buy the best leather from the same sources used by Fendi, Dior, and Chanel. All the bags are handmade by the most experienced craftsmen and tanners of the industry. Needless to say, I am extremely proud of my team!


-If you’ve noticed, I’ve often referenced my architectural past, and the most important connection to this is my eye for color. I love bright colors. This is why many of my clients love the brand, because if you wear Badura you will definitely not go unnoticed. All my bags are also very versatile, I pay a lot of attention to design, just as in my everyday life I love order and organization, so too in my bags there is a spot for everything: a specific pocket for your wallet, another for keys, another for your phone….


-I’ve always felt that I should navigate freely. Many designers are first hired as interns to work in famous fashion houses, and only then do they begin to do something different. My many years of work as an architect helped me develop an eye and a complete vision of my product, and yes, having the initial startup capital does make it an easier task.


-I was fearful when I first started, but I also had a lot of confidence that the public would enjoy my product. My clients are those who also wear Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi. Many Russian women are becoming my main clientele. I grew up in Poland, and can read and write in Russian, though unfortunately cannot speak it despite studying it at school. Then there was university, and due to my love of art and architecture I obviously decided to move to Rome. Then I fell in love, got married, and stayed…(laughing) the typical story I guess….And how can you not love Rome? It’s a city where the sun shines all the time, it’s almost as if spring prevails all year round. I also have an established schedule, where I don’t have to deal with traffic jams or floods of tourists.



-Badura is not just a bag. It is something that never goes out of style, it’s an object that will last for many years and that you can hand down to your children. I put my soul into the creation of these bags, they emanate the very essence of a woman – strong, independent, who works hard and travels a lot, someone who is confident, loving and not afraid of bright colors, but is at the same time sensual and emotive.


-Badura bags have it all. With its many pockets and compartments, everything has its place: keys, identification, iPad, all in its specified location. Plus all the bags are very sturdy and made with the best leather the world has to offer. And at a time when daily life isn’t as safe as it once was, hidden zippers and locks keep your valuables secure. Furthermore, the designs look great on older women as well as young girls. Several times women have come into the store with their daughter and ended up choosing the same model. (Lauging) Practical, is it not?!


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