Zara is back with another hit! “Ain’t My Fault” is the perfect single to follow “Lush Life” and “Never Forget You” – which was and still is played all over the radio. With “Ain’t My Fault” she establishes a sound and sex appeal that are completely different than “Never Forget You“. She has yet to release a music video for this track but based on the lyrics, it’s going to be a bit more mature than her usual style.
The track is similar to something Rihanna would release and she even resembles the artist in vocals. The fact that she proves she can rap aside from having a distinct voice, is icing on this music cake. She’s one talented singer-songwriter. This Swedish artist isn’t going anywhere, let us know your thoughts on her sound and of course on “Ain’t My Fault”!


By Monica Soriano heart-white-love-wallpaper-1