Hong Kong life is restless and intense. The pace of the city never stops, and neither does the loud concert of buzzing people, voices of salesmen and speeding cars that echoes everywhere.

Detached from madding crowd that fills up the busy district of central and Wan Chai, The East Hotel is a temple of quietness. A minimalist waterfall facade welcomes you into airy entrance hall where glass walls and modern white surfaces immediately convey a visual sense of peace.

EAST, Swire, Hotel, Hong KongEAST, Swire, Hotel, Hong KongContemporary artworks and sleek design pieces placed around the hotel perfectly compliment the living space, in which everything appears to be functional, effortless and smart. The spacious rooms exploits at maximum the natural light, with big windows that face the Hong Kong Harbor, unveiling its mysterious beauty when wrapped into the morning dusk and its futuristic appeal when the sun shines above.

The light and the essential architecture subtly connects the hotel with the external world, allowing guests to experience the city moods from serene distance. Despite Hong Kong’s dense urban environment, East Hotel preserves its attachment to nature by featuring a moderate use of materials  and sustainable designs.

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Up to the top floor, the spectacular  view from the roof terrace the sugar cocktail bar offers a true escape from reality, giving the impression that the city was built in the sky. Sophisticated yet unpretentious, east hotel is a true tranquil oasis for discerning travelers with a modern taste.DSCF2410-e1460896372187 DSCF2423-e1460896386909