For the past 80 year this family has been protecting the Neapolitan manufacturing tradition founded by Giorgio Mignone. Today Ciro Mignone has the same passion and commitment, which have been transmitted from his grandfather.

And thanks to Ciro, WHITEin8 is still a symbol of the Neapolitan manufacturing pride. In fact, since his father gave up the leadership to enjoy his deserved pension, Ciro took the reins of the family activity to go on challenging time and fashion. So he decided to start again the production, but by changing something: no more shoes, but bags for female customers. This is how WHITEin8 was born: a tribute to the white color purity and to the unique form of number 8: a vertical Infinity, a good-luck symbol to wish eternity to the family company.

A bag is an everyday and essential item of clothing for a woman. It tells something about her, her nature and her personality. It is far more than a simple container: it is the mirror of a woman’s soul, and it summarizes the desire of being always different, of distinguishing herself in every situation. It is such an intimate accessory that violating its contents is like violating its owner. This is exactly why WHITEin8 is for: safeguarding with passion women secrets. In fact, WHITEin8 makes every single item with love and dedication, combining the Neapolitan leather craftsmanship to the refined Italian design, and  makes it by studying sober and innovative but still handy lines. Because women give great importance to every little detail and deserve all the attention. WHITin8 stands by their side: a company which wants to give women the place the deserve.

WHITEin8 means Mignone family. A tradition which has been passed away during three generations and which is going to pass the baton to the fourth. The way his father Vincenzo did with him, today Ciro himself coordinates and helps his son Gianmarco and grandchildren Vincenzo and Fabio to manage every commercial section, from production to marketing. A very close but at the same time extended family, thanks to the relationship that WHITEin8 owners have with their workers, from labor workers to employees: each and every human resource is a little piece of history and contributes to the success of this brand.