SHE IS A WOMAN, SUBLIME AND SUBLIMATED.  She is one of those who are instantly recognizable. Her style, her personality, her taste make her stand out. She could be the heroin of a movie, with a mysterious life and a unique fate. A heroin of the modern-age. Sexy, bewitching, elegant. A Parisian soul, an adventurerʼs heart. An intrepid seductress, fearing nothing, least of all herself.


Light yet heady, style expressed through glamour. Always dreaming herself as someone new. Both envisioning and shaping her life. Animated by beauty, her desire to be different is not fueled by escapism; it is a way to assert her own self, with a bit of ambition and a dash of whim, that extra bit of soul residing in the little personal touches she puts into her appearance.

That attitude is what makes Thierry Lasry’s collection of sunglasses so unique and attractive. As such, it is unsurprising to see some of the world’s greatest stars wearing his designs. Madonna, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence are women who like to stand out, to reinvent themselves. These are women ever on the lookout for his creations.

And so are the men with the men’s collection which is no less stunning in its sophistication. A discrete shade of elegance. Parisian chic for a man both quiet and assertive, a man with a bold and distinctive style. Just like its designer.

THIERRY LASRY, collector of vintage records and street culture connoisseur, is undoubtedly a child of the 1980s. A fanciful and suggestive decade of colorful and uninhibited aesthetics, a decade that is the source of all his inspiration. Tirelessly, he recalls the entertaining stories of his childhood, the super-hero tales found in American comics or Japanese anime. Nostalgia at the core. Thierry Lasry’s universe is a clever mélange of these flashes from the past, but also, and above all, he represents the desire for modernity. And when he launched his brand in 2006, he knew that this “futuristic vintage” formula would find an echo in this era.

As a visionary, he felt that the French craftsmanship and the renowned Parisian style mixed with groundbreaking designs would win over any woman in search of a strong identity. A revolutionary idea in a fashion world obsessed with branding and star-designers. Raised in a highly creative environment by an optician father and a designer mother, Thierry Lasry is a precursor who is a firm believer in creativity and quality. A strong signature that allies comfort and originality. He has taken sunglasses and redesigned them into a fashion accessory as essential as a clutch or a pair of stilettos.

The hallmark of Thierry Lasry’s style resides in its UNIQUE SAVOIR-FAIRE. Unequaled comfort with a remarkable design that sublimates the face, like jewelry. Glasses that are collection pieces. A style defined by a strong eye for detail. CLEAR LINES, GEOMETRICAL SHAPES, surprising color associations, shades of opacity, original patterns… everything a game of contrast and duality. A dialogue between two worlds.

French heritage and cutting edge creation both heralding the world of tomorrow. The work of an artist who treats each creation like architecture, sculpting and molding it. To explain how each piece is imagined and assembled, Thierry Lasry often mentions graphic design, but also, in another childhood throwback, Lego. That retro spin again, to better underline the avant-garde techniques developed in his workshop. It is this blending of styles that characterizes this designer. Curious, ambitious, he is whimsical.

And, as if Lego in itself was not playful enough, Thierry Lasry juggles with the Ys IN ITS NAME, spicing up the names of his creations with a touch of provocation. SEXXXY, SLUTTY, ORGASMY, NYMPHOMANY…names that bear witness to his audacious jesting. An attitude that also manifests itself in his collaborations with brands and personalities as eclectic and iconic as Acne Studio, DC Comics, the interior designer Kelly Wearstler, the tattoo-artist Dr. Woo, or the Italian fashion house Fendi. And it is precisely with the Fendi and Thierry Lasry Joint Venture a first in the luxury world, that the designer proves once again his ingenuity and artistic approach.

Another perfect demonstration of this is his new Flagship Store in Paris’  6th arrondissement. Designed by famous interior designer Vincent Darré, this jewel of a store showcases his creations in a space both cosy and futuristic that aptly re-imagines the brand’s patterns and designs. It is the perfect association of Paris refinement and New York modernity, a city the designer has made his home. A store whose design is as distinctive as his own creations. This is a universe where creation, innovation, and surprise are the overall leitmotiv, the Thierry Lasry signature.


Photos: The Courtesy of Thierry Lasry