Finally spring has arrived in Europe. We can leave favourite cashmere coats in a closet and go knitwear. Everything goes together with cotton shirt styles in vichy squares pattern, old-fashioned t-shirt with handmade patches, tailoring trousers with a soft and refined volume, elegant knitwear references create the look.

Paul Mémoir collections are based on a vintage and colourful spirit of seventies parties. The designer inspiration comes from geometry and colours union, interpreting classic look through a modern-day retelling.  The main theme is always the influence of past years, when everything seemed possible: a dream came true in a world full of music and colours.

Knitwear collection involves pure and precious yarns, as wool and cotton, treated with big attention to wearability. Paul Mémoir focuses on conception and technique, as his knitwear is synonymous of sophisticated and valued workmanship.


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