The weather has been terrible these days. Yeah, it might be a different story for those of you who love cold season but not all of us. It seems as if the sun is playing hide and seek with those of us who don’t like cold season. The sun is annoyingly lethargic and a little unwilling to fight through the clouds. A little like us, sun lovers when we are at the threshold of cold season.


Seasons like this for sun lovers is usually a very horrifying time because we are consume with that feeling, the  feeling of running out of creative juice and feeling unmotivated to create with words. Times like this, it is recommended that you allow yourself to be submerged into a sea of works of creative people. For example attending art exhibitions or attending press shows of fashion brands and so on.


We did it and it quite worked or improved the situation. We attended press shows and just basically scout for made in Italy brands that will literally make jaws drop and it was rewarding even though but we cannot shy from telling you that when writing pieces the ‘Backspace’ key on your laptop will be on cloud nine. There is always a good side to these feeling that fact that it opens your mind and put on the part of discovering new things. One of our impressive discovering was A-Lab Milano.

Each A-Lab Milano piece is not just a dress but an art piece. With an impeccable attention to details A-Lab Milano have successfully harmonized print and silk in such a way that them complement and glorify the body.

It was a great joy to have a conversation with Alessandro Biasi, the creative director of A-Lab Milano.

Spy News Magazine:  Can you tell me about your brand, where did the idea come from?alessandro-biasi-spynewsmagazine

Alessandro Biasi:  The brand was born as a contemporary atelier, a laboratory – the Lab – of ideas where several people collaborated, each one specialized in a specific stage of the formation process of a collection.  With the passage of time things changed, work went faster,the spirit of our workshop was high and my job, as the creative director, was to help my staff hold strong what we are very good at, manual skills, good tailoring and best of design patterns.

Spy News Magazine: Tell us a bit about yourself, about your professional path.

Alessandro Biasi:  I’m not good at talking about myself but I’ll try! I studied fashion because I felt the need to take care of the appearance of people. A- lab Milano brand was establish as collaborative concept  to fulfill one common goal – to modernize the made in Italy brand. Our use of Contemporary materials establishes a harmonious relationship with printed silks, often in a delicate balance, between full color and transparency. Simply put, we create some of the best clothes in town.

Spy News Magazine: What are the greatest sources of inspiration for your works?

Alessandro Biasi: My inspiration is always the “future”. The future is hope. It’s the greatest resource that human has ever had. For this reason, through my work I always try to look forward, investigating on other disciplines that project into the future (the  “Space” is the projection of it for my past few seasons) their investigation. The inspiration, however, also comes from everyday life, from the social. Fashion has a close link with the people and their wishes.


Spy News Magazine: What type of a woman wears A-lab Milano?

Alessandro Biasi: Despite the colorful impact of the collections the A-lab Milano woman does not have to be “young”.  She must have the curiosity and initiative. A-lab Milano is dedicated to strong and self-confident women but no less feminine and sensual.

Spy News Magazine:   I truly believe that whatever you do, your job is to tell your story. How are you telling your story leveraging social media?

Alessandro Biasi: I have always believed in the power of social media and believe that no brand can escape from communicating through them. Everyone involved in the fashion system expects a turnaround but it does not show up. Through social media I try to transmit the creative process, to bring to the people the ideas that form the basis of the collections. I like to share sketches, samples, drawings, the photos of my travels and all that helps me to create what people then wear.


Spy News Magazine: What plans do you have for the future of the brand?

Alessandro Biasi: You have already understood that “future” is a key word for me. But about the future we are also very superstitious (yes, we’re Italians!). Without revealing too much we can tell you that some co-branding agreements to extend the proposal of footwear and accessories are in the process of defining. I consider very important to offer a completion for my collections.

Spy News Magazine: Where can we buy the collection? Can we shop online?

Alessandro Biasi: A-lab Milano is sold on three different continents. I can’t make a list but please have a look of Secret Location website. Secret Location is an amazing concept store in Vancouver, Canada and Carey Melnichuk, the founder, has been supporting me from the beginning of my journey. I am very grateful to her.


by Anderson Azugbene images