A remix of tartans and lumberjack shirts or fur-lined jackets connects punk rock to contemporary street style life.
This is the starting point for the research and creation of materials. A patchwork of leather, cavallino, fur, traditional weaves, woven leather and multicolored  fringes. As well as the transparent blur of checks ridged with plumetis.

The energy of vibrant colors disrupts the black: red, yellow, violet and particularly the vitality of chlorophyll green. Graphic riding boots and shoulder bags liberate the long strides of these urban adventurers. The protection offered  by sheepskin coats and jackets in black and racing green bestows confidence and power.

Touches of brass or gold, already present in the accessories, invigorate military chic outfits and herald the final “metallic bird” signature in mixed gold and silver. The combination of short tops and long trouser-skirt and asymmetrical dresses which reveal the legs stretch the silhouette to the max for an evening that is at once sexy and controlled.


Photo: The Courtesy of Barbara Bui