The 1975 released yet another video that will leave you glued to your screens and even make you go back and check an old music video!

“A Change Of Heart” is on the more mellow side of tracks the band has created videos for. In this music video Matt Healy opens the black and white video revealing himself dressed in a suit along with clown makeup and shoes. He is pacing and dancing in a carnival setting soon to find a girl who’s dance moves compliment his. Throughout the video there was joyful scenes of the couple connecting with one another. There’s a story being told through expressions and dancing. Although their faces are in full makeup and there is no color to this video, it is clear that the simplicity of it all was an outlet for story telling. There’s a very distinctive Charlie Chaplin feel to this, both characters are very expressive and add a comedic or sympathetic appeal when necessary.

The 1975, A change of heart

It’s a charming video suited perfectly for the song. Although it would have been great to see the rest of the band in the video, it makes sense why the story and its focus revolves around just these two characters. It’s a love story without a fairy-tale ending but rather a more realistic and heart breaking one.

A fun fact about the “A Change of Heart” video and song is that it makes references a previous song they released called “Robbers“.

There’s a gun scene at 2:48 in this music video that references the one in “Robbers” at 2:05.

Also there are referencing lyrics in this track such as –  “You used to have a face straight out of a magazine, Now you just look like anyone” where as in “Robbers” the lyrics were “She had a face straight outta magazine“.

Overall, the band did a fantastic job story telling through the lyrics. The video was absolutely addictive. It definitely is one of those videos that will leave you wanting a part 2 because you automatically root for these characters to end up together, even after watching the end.

Watch below and give us your opinion on the video and if you were able to identify any other references to songs from their first album!


Credit by Monica Soriano