The Spring / Summer 2017 Christian Pellizzari Men collection and Women’s resort collection explores two different cities by the landscapes and the lifestyles in contrast.

On one hand the Italian Venice, a special city for city for the designer, with its fasci- nating history, mystery and antiquity, the other is the sparkling Venice Beach, California, among palm trees, endless beaches and sunsets with warm colors.


The exploration of these two places, almost two different worlds, gives life to a tailored collection with a young soul, in which the symbolic union and at the same time, the sharp contrast between the two “Venice” is easy to trace:

The brocades, and silk jacquard, traditional fabrics of the eighteenth-century baro- que, meet colorful stylized floral prints, sportswear, T-shirts and sweatshirts printed jersey jacquard.

The jackets are inspired by the typical uniform of the venetian gondolier, but revisi- ted and extremized in a color palette ranging from natural colors to black and white and gold.

The man in the next summer season will go from the comfort cuts but at the same time structured with hibiscus prints in contrast with jacquard geometric designs, the classical check is revisited with the contribution of 3D blue and red stripes.

The women’s resort collection resumes prints and inspirations from the men, mixing different fabrics and creating daring combinations. Voluminous jacquard blouses meet skirts with a rock soul. The crop tops are propo- sed with large evening skirts reminiscent of eighteenth-century ladies. To complete the look, the slip-on, evolution of the classic Venetian “slippers” , and leather woven sandals.


An imaginary journey, where tropical street style marries the baroque splendor.


Photo The Courtesy of Christian Pellizzaripinkblack