Justin Bieber gives an inside look at his life while creating music, on the road or just being a 22 year old. In his “Company” video the audience gets glimpses of what the life of the singer entails – photo shoots, traveling, selling out shows, dancing and singing. This video is the perfect release due to the fact that it captures the highlights of his life perfectly. It doesn’t go too personal where it’s an invasion of privacy but it does give a good day to day summary.

Bieber has been changing right before everyone. Having had his start on youtube and now selling out shows and being one of the most influential musicians, he is sure to stick around for a long, long time. “Company” was the right balance for “What Do You Mean?” and “All That Matters” which focused more on steamy visuals and a movie like yet fictional story.

We’ll be looking out for new content from Justin as he keeps on taking over the music world! Give us your thoughts on the video and let us know your all time favorite Justin Bieber music video?!

by Monica Soriano pinkblack