Yosra Aydi , daughter of a well known and recognized fashion designer has rocked the world of fashion since her childhood. Young yet she has already spent her time playing with silks and fine embroidery that her mother prepared and graduated with an emphasis in business administration. Nevertheless decided to return to her beginnings of fashion not by choice but by destiny.

Yosra at first left her print in the Arab world by applying Golden Ratio which was found its beauty to be almost perfect . But the beauty she wants to highlight is that of the women she has crossed paths in the different countries she’s visited. With Yosra, the promise Couture was born along with a symbol of a liberated modern woman who fully seizes her femininity in style.


Naco Paris, French fashion designer, is described by the press as “the only fashion designer who does not love fashion ,” or the “Robin Hood of fashion“. Since 2001, Naco Paris creates unisex collections , inspired by his love of art, the underground and the unusual.

Naco Paris is the creator of the famous bag ” Karl Who? ” Enjoying an international reputation, Naco Paris collections are distributed in selective stores.His creations are the subject of a cult following in Japan.

In 2014, Naco Paris has created a second line  “ART IS RESISTANCE by Naco Paris”, an urban and rebelious  collection. The 8th edition of Fashion Week Tunis presents UNISEX collection of summer 2016, entitled ” NO GOD NO MASTER “, which includes up- cycled parts with militant slogans hand-painted .

Text and photo by Olesya Okuneva

Translated by Monica Sorianopinkblack