On 18 May 2015, Dior  unveiled the fourth chapter in the Secret Garden saga, a campaign and a film by Steven Klein starring Rihanna, shot in the château and gardens of Versailles.

“Rihanna’s mystery and intrigue combined with her razor sharp looks and sensibility, are the essential; perfect elements to create the stage for Secret Garden.”

Steven Klein

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Versailles at night. An enigmatic presence. A modern muse. In this, the Secret Garden’s fourth chapter, the château and gardens take on a particular ambiance, as spectral and tawny lighting reveal a timeless decor. On the grand staircase, Rihanna seems to have stepped straight out of a dream; she wanders through the Salons of the Gods and dances in the Hall of Mirrors. The groves in the park appear like something out of a fairy tale. In the garden we find reflections again, their interplay creating the shape of the setting: the facade of the château is mirrored in the fountains designed by Le Nôtre, the hedges flash in the star’s sunglasses … Then day breaks over the Latona Fountain and the embroidered grounds, whose landscaping and extreme refinement recall the delicacy of the haute couture dress named after this part of the garden. The main soundtrack for the film comes from Rihanna’s upcoming album. The Dior spot features a song called «Only If For a Night» produced by Midas and is the intro to her 8th studio album.