Dating in a big city is not easy. Some of us turn looking for love into a full time job. Thank God for Tinder and other dating apps. However, it can be extremely time and energy consuming to go to ten dates a week. Here are four rules which will help you structure your dating life and gain success faster:
Accept courtesy from any admirer unless he is disrespectful. Give a chance to the quiet, modest and simply decent guy who tries his best to conquer your heart. Worthy men often hide behind a calm, quiet attitude and tend to mask their obvious pluses. However, do not hesitate to turn down any man who doesn’t treat you according to your standards.
Make sure to have at least 3 admirers at the same time.  This will create choice, raise your self-confidence, and ensure you’re less dependent on a particular man. Do not give preference to anybody unless he has proven his sincere intentions with genuine actions. And this takes time!
Date anyone you want but don’t hook up. This is very simple rule to understand. Yet not as easy to master. Beware of intimacy less than 60 days after your first date. False examples, bad habits and low self-esteem might create an urge to appear in his bed too quickly. This is unnecessary. Waiting will protect you from unfaithful men, help you to develop romantic feelings on a deeper level — and, of course, waiting will fire up not only your heart but also a brain which will choose wisely.
And last but not least, you are not obliged to offer anything in return for your admirers’ courtesies BUT a smile and a verbal gratitude. I see how this might confuse many of you. Let me clarify, anything that a man did to make you happy should be appreciated — but should not make you feel obliged to reciprocate. I advise to avoid receiving expensive gifts though. In my experience, those usually require payback and in many cases you will not like the outcome. I would suggest to accept expensive gifts only from your long-term exclusive boyfriend, husband, father or son.
These simple rules will help you to navigate the exciting world of dating. Choose wisely and stay confident.
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