Artem represents the new Russian generation. Very smart, sincere, cheerful, and very ambitions. Since we live in different cities, and have full work schedules, we sent our journalist to talk over his projects and plans for the future. This guy deserves attention and he gets a lot of it!

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Spy News Magazine: Thank you for meeting me. It is actually my first time in Dandy Cafe! It is almost dinner time! If you had a chance to have dinner with anyone you wanted, who would it be?

Artem: Well, it is quite difficult to answer on the spot. Let me think…well… I wish I could have had dinner with Michael Jackson. It would have been great! I am interested in people who invent or discover something. He was the first pop legend. He created that style and was the biggest influencer.

And… I believe, it would have been very exciting to talk to some scientist from the past… To talk about our life now with new technologies and see his reaction and thoughts on it.

 Spy News Magazine: As for yourself, which era would you have wanted to be born?

Artem: Oh, I am pretty happy I was born in the present time. I think I really belong to this time, and cannot imagine myself in any other time frames.. I would love to spend a day in The Middle Ages. But one day would have been more than enough to be killed. (laughing) … But if there were a possibility to organize a safe trip to those times, it would have been very impressive.


Spy News Magazine: I see. Would have been hard living a life with no gadgets and social networks… Are those really important to you? You have quite an amount of followers you share your life with…

Artem: Yes it is important. But look at my instagram account, it looks more like a lifestyle magazine or tv series. Moreover, it is a part of my job. Instagram is a great advertising and PR platform, certain tools to present myself in a way I want people to see me, to communicate with my followers. If you are asking about other social network accounts, they are more a way to find out recent news, keep in touch with friends and express my point of view on something that matters to me!

Spy News Magazine: Are you based in Moscow now?

Artem: I live in Moscow and Los Angeles.

Spy News Magazine: Which city do you prefer more?

Artem: I am in love with 3 cities. They are Moscow, Los Angeles and London! I managed to organize my life in the first two.. Now I have the challenge to fit London into my life! (laughing)

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Spy News Magazine: What project are you involved in now?

Artem: Firstly, I work at Friday TV. I am a news presenter. Friday is a new, very modern lifestyle channel. Second, I am co-owner of Dandy Cafe (Ginza Project).

Also, with a friend of mine, Elena Maximova, we just launched new clothing brand called HAZE. At the beginning there will be just sweatshirts as they are very popular now among the young crowd and easy to produce. I cannot tell you all the secrets, but there will be something else…very exciting. I am actually thrilled about this project! We are going to collaborate with painters and artists. It is already out, so you can check it out on instagram  or go to our website

Spy News Magazine: Do you have any projects in the USA?

Artem: We are working on one at this moment, in the restaurant sector. But we are still at the earliest stage of development, so kind of too early to talk about it. But I will keep you posted!

Spy News Magazine: Is there anything particular you study now?

Artem: Yes. I am trying to improve my accent. Therefore I study General American Accent with a tutor, so I can speak like a guy from California (laughing)

Spy News Magazine: Yes, I understand. It is like in the French language.. without a proper accent and pronunciation you won’t go as far as people will never understand you! I am still improving it , but sometimes have a hard time explaining myself when I speak French! I am curious, where do you find time for all of your projects?

Artem: Well, I am trying to plan my day this way. More business meetings and errands in the morning, some in the late afternoon. Though evenings I prefer to spend time with my friends and family!

Spy News Magazine: If I told you that tomorrow you could wake up with an extraordinary ability. What would it be?

Artem: I thought about it a lot.. I wish I could teleport myself… It would be great…


Spy News Magazine: Is there any person in your life whose words influenced you?

Artem: Of course. My Mom always influenced me, she is my mentor and a very important person in my life. Others…well in different periods of my life I had different people whose opinions were important to me. Dimitry Sergeev, Founder of Ginza Project is one of those. I learn from him.

Spy News Magazine So if you need to make a decision, and can’t make it yourself who do you ask for help?

Artem: Depends. If it’s a personal issue I ask my mom. If it is a business matter, I have a very close friend of mine, who I trust and probably he is the one to ask advice.

Spy News Magazine: Your perfect day?

Artem: Full of work! I love my job… I really do. And evenings, as I already mentioned, spending time with beloved ones in some nice place… preferably my home!

Spy News Magazine: Some traveling as well I suppose…

Artem: Yes. I can schedule my work in a certain way so I can travel. One week we tape, another I am basically free to go…even though I usually stay in the city because I am busy with other projects I am working on. Ot if I am travelling , I try to combine it with work and get some use out of it.

Spy News Magazine: And the last question! Are there any 3 adjectives you would use to describe yourself?

Artem: Let’s do it this way. You will characterize me, the way you see me! It would be better I assume (smiling)

Spy News Magazine: Great idea!

The moment I got an interview with Artem, I went through his answers and there were some other questions I would have wanted to get answers for.

I don’t follow much Russian Entertainment TV, so I tried to google any info I could possible find! Yes, I was looking for some scandals and some dirt! There was nothing…So I dialed Artem and asked if there was anything he is afraid of…anything he is ashamed of, or anything he would have changed about his past! Every time I see this guy, i always see him as a very happy person, very ambitious and career driven. Here was his answer, and I guess it is a perfect ending for this interview.

“I don’t think I would have changed anything in my past, I am proud of who I am and where I am now. Yes, certainly I have my fears, but they are more regarding my career, you know, like taking a wrong step, that can destroy everything you have been building for years…Beside that… I never did anything wrong…I am a simple guy next door”


And he is!

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Photo credit: Vladimir Antipov, Mark Bulah Production

Reporter: Olga Salagaeva