His vision was born out of a culture and an aptitude. A culture of measured elegance, which is expressed in exceptional detail in the finest materials, and in graceful lines. Meet Vittorio Hodara

As far as I know, you were in different fields. You owned a company specialized in engineering. Suddenly you sold your business, and launched Hodara Art Designs. If design is your passion, why did it take so long for you to switch?

Good question! I am 54 years old next week and 34 years of which I spent working on a family business, in completely different fields. It was an incredible experience. In 2012 we decided it was it, and we sold the company. 2012/2013 was a year of transformation, the year when a new me was born! Since I was a child I had a passion to draw watches, jewelry, houses, and so on! I made up my mind to transform my childish passion into something that can actually live and bring money! With the help of four people we founded Hodara Art Design! In November 2013 we presented my first pieces to italian architectures and journalists and we got a really good positive feedback in major Italian media, as well as we exposed the collection in Triennale Museum! I believe it was a great start!


You were born and raised in Italy, a country with a rich culture, but you are creating contemporary, futuristic pieces. Who do you look up for in design?

I am a very curious person! I like to travel and observe! I was traveling a lot, looking for perfect pieces that I already had in my mind, and when I could not find it, I designed it myself. You might like my designs, or might not, but I am sure you have never seen anything like this before!

I wonder if your personal space at home looks as futuristic as some designs I see here!

Opposite! (laughing) As last time I refurnished my house was in 2004, and I had a bit different views on how home should look like! Now I believe that in life you have to cut off things that are not nessecary, less is more!


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When I look at Hodara Art Design I see new hotel in Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore; exhibition in Art District in Miami; or a new trendy restaurant in Moscow! This is a total look “Furniture”. Was it your aim to create this image of your company?

I like the question! You are smart guy. When I was creating my collection, I was not thinking of where it will go. Sure each piece can live in contemporary space. Yes I definitely see my collection in art space, in boutique hotel, in modern apartment or some unique restaurant. It is total look. But on the other hand, one piece can live in house of someone who can appreciate art. My furniture is multi-functional. My customer comes to me, and we create together, and then it is up to him where it will go. If you want I can transform your personal memories into furniture, putting pictures, personal things or stones from the beach where you spent your childhood inside plastic. I want my designs to live. I want them to bring satisfaction to people who chose Hodara Art Designs.

My furniture is 50 percent handmade, top level materials. Look at some chairs, I use the highest quality leather like Hermes, handmade stitches! I am very crazy about details. This is what makes Hodara Art Designs different.


When you were creating the collection, did you imagine your customer?

During the process I think of the final piece and the space where it might go. Success to me is when my art continues to live and brings happiness to people.

You mentioned that you traveled a lot. What is your favorite place?

I always want to come back to Manhattan. This place is full of energy and creativity. If you ask me where would I prefer to spend my holidays, Maldives or New York, I would prefer New York – a place full of life. I was several times in Hong Kong and loved it. I do prefer crowded cities full of energy. New ideas always are born in cities like Hong Kong and New York.