This past June, Tom Odell released his album ‘Wrong Crowd‘ which can only be called a musical masterpiece. He’s already released music videos for several of the tracks on the album. One that caught our attention was “Wrong Crowd”, same as the album title. The common subject for every human which is heartbreak was expressed visually in the music video.


The “Wrong Crowd” music video gives people an insight of how not having a person can truly damage one. How every passing day can seem robotic and in his case – he starts his day by drinking. It’s truly remarkable how this video is able to show a person who is wealthy in materialistic means yet poor in love use money to get his mind off his emotions. The thing about it is – missing that aspect of his life makes him spiral onto nights of partying and alcohol which becomes routine. Throughout the entire video he doesn’t seem happy but rather conforms to what his life has become.Tom Odell really outdid himself with “Wrong Crowd”, not only was his acting great but the song was full of emotion. The track and video go hand in hand.

Another video that is note worthy is his latest release “Concrete” because of its simplicity. He is just singing in a room with a noticeable pink carpet to contrast all of the dark colors around. He has a band with him which makes it even better because it gives the feeling of an intimate concert. He really showcases himself as an artist and performer in this video. Although, it’s not a live performance his passion and performance was beautifully captured.

This english singer-songwriter is making more noise now than ever, specially with the release of his album ‘Wrong Crowd’. Take a moment and absorb all the music that Tom Odell has released!


By Monica Soriano pinkblack